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Budowa Etnocentrum The exhibition of: „Straw craftwork Summer play centre 2020 Start-up into tradition - weaving workshops 18-19.07.2020 The recess of old photography 18.07.2020 The exhibition of Kuba Żeligowski’s paintings: „Rusticity” 01.08.2020 – 20.09.2020 „The stages of villages transition forged by oil industry in XIX cenury” - debate with Barbara Olejarz 31.07.2020 - „Plant-based colours of dreams” - workshops of dyeing wool and linen using the traditional method 08.08.2020 The recess of: „You could play on anything back then” 08-09.08.2020 „Herbs in the Subcarpathia cuisine” - herbal workshops Start-up into tradition - wood-carver workshops 22-23.08.2020 Start-up into tradition - smith’s workshops 26-27.09.2020 „Łemkowyna” Fashion show 06.11.2020 Concert of the Uherec band 06.11.2020 Vernissage of the exhibition: „Folk motifs on polish posters” 06.11.2020 Internatinal art contest: „Childhood memory” Vernissage of the exhibition: „Smaryda”. Concert of Akademia Głosów Tradycji band 05.06.2021 Midsummer night 26.06.2021 Vernissage of the Paweł Armata’s exhibition: “Wood memory” 03.07.2021 Beekeeper workshops 7-11.07.2021 Ethnocentre of the Krosno region at the Market Square, Krosno 18.07.2021 Hoedown with the Kurasie band 24.07.2021 International exhibition "Folk motifs in the poster design" 30.07.2021 - Stove fitter workshops 4-8.08.2021 Herbal recesses – “Bouquets for the Assumption day” 05.08.2021 Concert of the Orkiestra św. Mikołaja band 07.08.2021 ‘‘Folk legends in the Poster Design” 20.08.2021