Etnocentrum Ziemi Krośnieńskiej

School of traditional cooking

Our grandmothers knew very well that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Many of us remember the flavours of childhood, wondering what made these simple dishes taste so special. These days, we often replace Polish cuisine with, for example, Italian or Asian. As part of the School of Traditional Cooking, we prove that Polish dishes can be delicious and at the same time healthy while also teaching the old way of cooking.

Classes are conducted under the supervision of our friend Ewa Szymko, also known as Fiona, who can spark and develop a passion for cooking. Ewa is an educated and passionate cook. She has a lot of experience, which she gained mainly in her own kitchen, as well as working in restaurants and cooking during weddings. She cooks tasty and healthy meals and can also teach others how to do it. The participants of our culinary workshops conducted by Fiona have experienced it numerous times.

Due to our scope of interests, we mainly focus on traditional Polish cuisine. The program is available in three variants (two-week, one week and intensive weekend course). We can suit it to your expectations and needs. We are looking forward to seeing you participate in our courses.

Download the two-week program here (link).

Download the one week program here (link).

Download the weekend program here (link).